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The most ghostly thing about the Rolls-Royce Phantom 8 - as its name suggests - is the low rumble of its powerful 6.7-liter V12 biturbo engine when it comes to life, because otherwise the appearance of this coupe is a clear demonstration of luxuriousness and drama typical of the noble British brand Rolls-Royce.

Enjoy the racy feeling with the SF90 Stradale! This jumping stallion is a testament to Ferrari's eternal love of sports cars. Improved reaction times and the Torque Vectoring Management System ensure its impressive driving characteristics - Madonna mia!

The S makes the difference: the Aventador S has evolved the heritage of the historic Lamborghini S models and pushed them to new heights of performance, further potentiating the typical combination of dynamism, refinement and aggressiveness with particularly elegant lines. At Prestige Cars Paris you can experience its special character.

The Brabus G800 is nothing less than the superlative G-Class from Mercedes-Benz - period. With its irresistible passion, uncompromising perfection and concentrated power, every drive becomes a performance of its superior engine genes. This G Class makes you feel like a superstar.

Its name promises concentrated, original power, refined by a contemporary design: The Urus has the unmistakable typical Lamborghini DNA, combined with the untamed character and willpower of the aurochs after which it is named. It combines compelling performance with powerful driving dynamics to create an unprecedented driving experience.